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Tovon & Co. has been a diamond wholesaler and has been traveling overseas buying directly from cutters since 1987. In 1989, we were accepted into the New York Diamond Dealer Club (DDC). There are only 2000 members worldwide. The DDC is comprised primarily of diamond cutters and diamond brokers on a one on one atmospherewhich enables us to sit downand bargain over prices. We travel to the DDC in NYC at least once a week where we can purchase diamonds directly from the cutters.

We have found that in most cases we can buy the same diamonds for less than a normal jeweler, because in the United States, the market has been soft, and the cutters would like to sell their goods before they go back to their homeland. As you can see, Tovon & Co. eliminates the 'middle man' profits that would normally cost you more money!With the combination of buying Diamonds at the lowest price possible, designing and manufacturing "on the premises" most of what we sell, you'll find it hard to beat our prices!!

Tovon & Co. has a very unique (CAD) COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN program which very few jewelers in the country have at this point. We sit down with our client and sketch "YOUR" design or concept and then start the computer design sequence. Appointments are necessary for custom designing. Tovon & Co. has CAD designers on staff that can make your dream a reality. If your'e looking for a custom ring, wedding band, earrings or bracelet, come to Tovon & Co. and browse our terrific in-store selection OR shop our online jewelry store for hundreds ofjewelry items!

Call us for an appointment now at (570)970-2700.

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